Barbie Shaped Girls Party Cake

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Barbie shaped party cake

Summer the season of cool parties for our little princess, looking for cool party cake designs and idea well look no more at Enchanted  Cakes and Event we can come up with wonderful ideas and designs for cakes and party theme for your little princess, why not contact us and leave your details. click on link to contact us

Finishing Your Perfect Nursery With Roller Blinds

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Finishing your perfect nursery with roller blinds

The perfect nursery is about more than just being stylish, it is where your baby will be spending a large amount of their time, as a result the room needs to be pleasing to the eye but also highly functional.  In order to stop the task from becoming over whelming it’s crucial that you break it down into smaller tasks.  Here are some top tips to help you along the way.

Be original with your theme

It’s easy to just go to the shop, pick your favourite theme or children’s character and just buy all the accessories associated with this, but the results can often end up seeming pretty generic.  Instead why not try just picking one special item to be the rooms centre piece and then decorate the rest of the room to fit around this.  You could choose a really beautiful rug and then paint the whole room to match its colour scheme.  Once you have the centre piece everything else will fall into place.

Combine old and new styles

It’s not essential to stay either traditional or modern when designing your nursery, combining the two styles can actually create something quite exciting and allow your imagination to flow more freely.  Traditional furniture combined with modern accents actually fit really well together.

Make it your own

A nursery is about your baby, so be sure you fill it with personal things that make it stand out as yours.  If your Mum is busy knitting your baby a homemade blanket, use that one in the crib.  If you have some great pictures you took at the zoo display these ones rather than buying animal pictures.  The result might look a bit miss matched but it’s important to make this room your babies own rather than try and create a show room perfect design.

Ensure you have a practical finish

It is often easy to forget the importance of practicality when decorating a room.  With nurseries in particular though practicality is essential, you need enough storage space to make keeping your babies stuff tidy, you need to have enough space to perform all the practical tasks such as nappy changing and dressing.  Perhaps most importantly you need to be able to make the room dark during the day to encourage napping.  A great way to do this is with a set of simple roller blinds which can black out a room.

Think about size

Find furniture that make the most of the space you have, you want the nursery to feel cosy and comfortable, a nursery will grow into your child’s own personal space and you want them to be happy there.

Helping Your Baby Get a Healthy Night’s Sleep

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It’s time to bring your new baby home from the hospital and to introduce the newest member of the family to his or her new home. Everything has been ready for weeks. The matching baby bedding in the crib and the cute decorations in the freshly painted nursery are so perfect you can’t imagine that this area could ever become a war zone. But for many parents, nighttime becomes a stressful, frustrating experience, night after long, tiresome night. Trying to get your baby to settle down for a healthy night’s sleep seems to be a battle of the wills with the baby winning most rounds. 

The following tips can help make the adjustment from “day play” to “night sleep” easier on everyone:

• Be realistic. It doesn’t matter that your best friend’s baby slept through the night within the first three weeks. Each baby has its own rhythm and sleep patterns. What you can do is facilitate times when sleeping seems like the right thing to do. Typically, newborns will sleep 16–20 hours, usually in 1–2 hour increments. As their nervous systems develop and feedings increase, by three months they may begin sleeping as long as five hours at a stretch, preferably at night. By six months, 9–12 hours is normal.
• While some mothers are tempted to run fans or a noise machine to create the quietest possible atmosphere, your baby already has built-in noise filters. Letting him or her learn to sleep through the everyday, normal noise levels of your home will ensure the ability to settle down in other places when you travel or visit family. Nightlights are only necessary if you need to see to quietly check on the baby, not to reassure your infant. A child who becomes accustomed to a night light may require one for years.
• Daytime activities, aside from 1–2 hour morning and afternoon naps, should be filled with activity and interesting opportunities. You will want your baby to associate being busy and moving around with daylight and settling down with the darkness of night. Resisting the temptation to let your baby sleep excessively in the daytime will pay off when your baby is happily tired and ready to sleep at night.
• Be consistent. Rocking, a bath, cuddle time and story time are all ways to relax and calm your baby. However, put your baby down when he or she is sleepy, not already asleep. Learning to self-soothe is an important baby learning task. Bedtime rituals should be done by Mom, Dad and big brother or sister so that the baby learns to relax with any member of the family.
• Your baby may wiggle and squirm and even cry out in the night. Don’t immediately rush in and scoop him out of the crib. Speak quietly, repositioning if necessary. Checking for a wet or soiled diaper or tangled baby bedding or giving a night bottle or nursing should be done quietly under dimmed lights with as little communication as possible. This is not playtime.

When in doubt, let your heart rule. Your baby will eventually learn to sleep through the night. Lovingly helping him or her with the process will leave you both feeling better prepared to start a new day.

Gift Items For Your Baby Nursery

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Patchwork Teddy Bear buy now

Orange Glow Cube buy now

Monster Parties’ Massive Fancy Dress Sale

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Monster Parties’ Massive Fancy Dress Sale
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Disney’s first African American Princess The Award-Winning Multicultural Card Company

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To celebrate Disney’s first African American princess the award-winning multicultural card company, Colorblind cards ( are holding a competition in which the winning child will model as a princess or prince on one of their popular greeting cards.

To celebrate the release of the new animated Disney movie ‘The Princess and the Frog’, Colorblind Cards are looking for a new model to grace the front of one of their greeting cards as a Fairytale Prince or Princess

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