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Marriage season: How ready are you, this is what we all hope to do once in our life time. ms-1femme-wedding-1Every girl deserves to look like a princess on her wedding day. Planning a wedding is never easy so every one says, yes it is not,  it can be a little stressful, things that can  makes it even more stressful are Not knowing were to start from : Having  a big or small wedding and not knowing were to begin can be a bit daunting , what i always say to my client, is that, they should first go and see what they they will like to wear, the style of your dress helps you decide the theme of your  wedding,”Omo” most of the time we just don’t know, but i found that out a long time ago when i was getting married, i did not know were to begin or start from, but looking at my wedding dress put me straight  back to my dreams of how my wedding should look or be.


Are you planing on spending loads of money , or are you on a budget, no matter how much you are spending you need a budget to keep you well organised.   The first dress is by  Autograph  from Marks And Spencer,  called Autograph Occasions Draped Grecian Style Wedding Dress ,    this lovely wedding dress is by Autograph,  ”Feminine and elegant, this full length wedding dress is beautifully designed and detailed with a draped and pleated front and deep V at the back. An exclusive, luxurious look from Autograph for your wedding day ” This is not a dress to miss, you get this beauty for a steal, price is £129.00, BUY NOW

Second Dress,  Exclusive Wedding Dress By Femmen Couture, for House Of  Couture  is not sold on line To BUY. NOW .

The third dress is from house  of  brides,  called Wedding  Dress Style 1187 design by Eden Bridals. This is a lovely and fabulous dress.  It comes in sizes 0 to 28,   you won’t believe they have pluses as well as a bargain price of £358.00,  not only that this dress comes with a package, Free Bridal Headpiece and Shoes valued $170.00 with the purchase of this wedding dress! Contact Customer Service for details on this exclusive offer!  can you believe that. Like it BUY NOW.gift2

Hugs & Kisses” Scented Soaps,, from my wedding favors, a beautiful gift for your beautiful guest. BUY NOW

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Relationshipwill it lead to marriage, or will it  be like the last one. Most relationship ends in marriage, most don’t.

The relationship that leads to marriage, happened because of a lot of  reasons,

. Both wanting to get married: When two people who are in involved in a relationship and they both want to get married someday, 90% out of 100 leads to marriages.

. Both making the effort to make it work: When people involved in a relationship, give their best and do all it takes to  make their  relationship works, it normally leads to marriage unless it  was never mean to be. If you gave you best and still your relationship ended, may be it was never meant to be. Don’t beat your self over it, try and get over it, to make room for your new and may be  future partner

. Both are in love with one another. When two people are in love, the relationship most  times leads to marriage, unless along the line they fell out of love.

. Both love the same things: Loving the same things and sharing the same ideas, as well as loving one another, most  times leads to marriage.

. Both respect the union of marriage. In a close relationship, when both partners respect marriage union, it always end up in marriage.

. Both respect one another. If  two people in love and in a relationship has respect for one another it leads to marriage. 85% of the time. If they don’t respect each other ,  how can it lead to marriage, it is a recipe for problems.

If you are in a relationship, and things are not as it should be,  you better refresh, and workfloral-bloom towards a better relationship. The reason why  there is a high numbers of divorce, is  because people take things for granted, like the above factors, but if they can just refresh, take a step back, they may be able to work on their relationship. By Omo Nwabunike

satin-shoesSatin flat ballet and hair accesories from

Weddings- your wedding date is set, your wedding is coming up, how are you feeling?  what are you plans?

happy?  indifferent?. When planing your wedding if you can afford a wedding planner that is fine. But if you can not,  the following should help you as a guide line.

Without a wedding planner, make a list of  all you will be needing for your wedding. Begin  with the hall for hire or wedding marquee.

For me personally i would hire a marquee, the cost of hiring marquee is no longer as expensive as it use to be. I can put it in my own garden, and give it my personal ambience’s.

One thing i love  about marquee it is innovative and stylish.

These days great attention is being given to the shape and design, both inside and outside, creating altogether unique and creative atmosphere.  It is always better to hire your chairs and  tables  from the same company as the marquee, if possible both tables and chairs cover,  if they do it, it less stressful as well as getting a bargain for  the whole package.

This  should give you, your choice of decoration. From your balloon to your confetti, wedding banner,  table wear, to the last details for your decor.

If you have your location, than the wedding is beginning to take shape.  chose a themes, if you have a term than you should be able to chose your wedding invitation cards.  Chose a card to suit your themes. For wedding  invitation card, good qualities, prices from £3.99, why not visit

This than takes you to catering, visit

Next on your list should  be your wedding cake and wedding flowers.

What will follow there after should be your wedding dress/accessories, bride’smaid dress visit

Having listed the main things ,we can now go on to the next,    order of service,  drinks, photo, carriage,

Mums to be b-ma

Mums To Be-you have to look after your self. Eat well, sleep well. You need all the rest you can get before your baby comes. Go for all your appointment. Reduce your work load and avoid lifting up heave objects. What a blessing it is to become a mum. I know i feel honoured.

Babies- lovely little things, our bundle of joy. Taking care of babies can seem to be the hardest . But it is  so much joy, you just find your self following the flow.

Planing ahead for a new family can be a big parental responsibility. Having a child can  be a leap  into the unknown. Remember Maternity leave can be up to 52 weeks, 39 are paid leave.

From the  day you give birth to them, all you want  to  do  is give them the best. Perental reposibility is all of the duties and right you have to your child, having such parental  reposibilities, means you make important decisions in their life.

Such as   what they eat, to where your child lives, and to their medical treatment, as well education.

I am breastfeeding at the moment, my little one as she is called  Chinedum is loving her breast milk and keeping me busy at the time, she is  making me happy just looking at her. I am introducing her to solid, she is taking a bit and enjoying it.

I am not sleeping too well at the moment. But that is part of the joy of a mother.

I always buy a size bigger, because babies grow every day. from 0 to 4  months they have  more of play and sleep suit.

In the old days celebrities don’t have babies, they say it kills their career. But now it is a happy time for every one, they can  have babies as well as their career.

Mums?  Dads? aunties? uncles? why not leave a comment and you will get published

Toddlers-Cute, cute, it so amazing every day,watching  your little baby developing and  growing up in to a  little toddlers.

Full of strength and energy.  From leaning how to walk, to  jumping ,  runing  and how to talk.

I try to keep up with my toddler but it has been impossible, he is way too fast for me. This has made me promise my self to loss more weight, but it is really not the weight issue he is just too  strong and active, although it would help to loss a little more of baby fat.

He is potty training at the moment. Sometime I just wonder, you know, as a mum how do celebrities do it.

To leave their babies and toddlers with nannies, for weeks or months. It most be really hard for them, because this a a important development milestones for both babies and toddlers as well as mums and dads.

Premature babies might reach their milestones slightly later than babies who are born full terms. By age two any difference would have evened out.


Sock visit www.kidswindow.

Parenting Educational Toys- Is their a right or wrong way to parenting. My answer to this is that we all do our best and pray to get it right. We aways begin by breastfeeding which is believe to be the best from birth. From there we go into healthy eating, which means giving our kids a complete balance diet.

From carbohydrate to protein, to fruit and vegetables. It is good for us to encorage  our kids, by getting involved in any thing they are doing. I aways try, not easy believe me, to get involved in all of his toys , to the the educational one.

I always praise him and showing my appreciation when he helps in his little ways. That always makes him happy, as well as making him confident. It feels great went they feel protected and secure.

Everyday they learn new things both from you,  preschool and things around. When they have cool, you just want to take it from them, when they are feeling poorly you wish it was you instead. When they show you new skills you feel proud, trust me my little always like showing off and impressing me.

That is why most toys these days are all educational, and it helps a long way.

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