Impact of Advertising to Children

Jul 09, 2013    //   

The young ones, who like to watch television and be entertained with cartoon characters, are also exposed to commercials that deliver a myriad of messages. For instance, there can be a toothpaste showing a family brushing together, or a car that is being driven by celebrities. These images all try to convey different stories to viewers, and instil numerous interpretations to the little kids' minds, as well.


Indeed, advertising has influenced children in many ways, so as a parent, you should look after their watching habits. With that said, here are some advantageous pointers:

  • It can improve the health of your innocent one if he/she convinces you to buy good food. Since commercials are full of companies who are saying that their products are delicious and nutritious, then you could make use of this to tell your kid that eating such would indeed be favourable for his/her body. You could use this as an effective medium in making your toddler embrace a type of consumable that he/she might find unappealing when merely displayed in department stores. So, these visual promotions help you feed your child with the right snacks.
  • It boosts their ability to think critically. Since the different announcements that they see portray different sales messages, they tend to eventually understand the various commodities and offers that they are faced with. With all the merchandisers and suppliers who are stating that they have the best goods, they can now compare and criticise as if they already are full-pledged consumers who are capable of purchasing. Also, this makes them ready to handle money and to be responsible in their buying manners.


Industries are also aware of their own accountability in terms of presenting informative materials to children and adults. In fact, some of them undergo a certain psychological programme just to fully understand their part in moulding the young. Some of them also have associations that handle different issues that the modern trading is facing and how they can do their role in effectively training the kids to be better consumers in the future. Finally, government officials from different areas of the globe are all coming up with regulations to remind agencies on producing worthwhile endorsements.

Through these insights, you can now make your youngsters perceive commercials in a positive way. And since you still need to teach them a lot of matters about life and growing up, it would help if you get some new leanings from this baby blog that is featured on the portal. The wide range of information here, such as full-time mum advice and a shopping guide, would inspire you.

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