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When parents are expecting, they often get showered with gifts for the baby. After all, the baby shower is a big event around the world, and it means unwrapping dozens of boxes of cute baby clothes and adorable toys, not to mention arranging a baby shower with cool Parties in Packages party decorations NZ. However, not many people think to buy something for the parents. After all, they are the ones who will be suffering the sleepless nights, and most babies have more stuff than they need anyway. That’s why savvy gift buyers will often get something the parents will enjoy such as the new Xbox One, an ideal gift for those who will be spending a lot more time in the house, and a great way of showing your appreciation of the hard work that’s to come.

A few unique gift ideas for new parents include:

  • Babysitting vouchers
  • Vouchers for nights out, i.e. at the theatre
  • Items to make their home cosy
  • Gadgets that they can enjoy while feeding or taking care of the baby
  • Pampering items such as designer toiletries

Expecting parents will be thrilled to have presents that are intended for themselves at their baby shower, and these kinds of gifts last much longer than a bunch of flowers or a balloon.

Nights in

Being a parent changes your lifestyle considerably, and as the baby gets older you get more free time, yet you’re often stuck at home. Being able to play games on Xbox One online is great for new parents, as it allows them to enjoy something social, without having to leave the house, and it gives them something to enjoy when the baby is taking a nap.

If you’re at home all the time, then household gift items that make your home more enjoyable are often a good bet, whether they’re entertaining or decorative, and many new parents will appreciate a little something for the house when they are going through the nesting stage.


Although babies keep new parents very busy, there’s also a lot of downtime during naps, and most new mums and dads find themselves having a lot more nights in and missing out on their social life. Getting a new hobby can be a lifesaver, especially for the stay at home parent, and this allows them to enjoy something all to themselves. That’s why the Xbox One is a great gift, as it allows them to have relaxation time, switch off their brains, and enjoy something that’s purely for their own entertainment, away from their bundle of joy.

If you know parents who are expecting, yet have already brought everything they need, then consider buying a grown up present for them. This allows them to feel appreciated and included in the process, as some parents feel a little left out when their babies get all the attention and will like feeling acknowledged by their loved ones. There are plenty of gifts such as gadgets that will be appreciated by hip, modern parents, and will be used and enjoyed for many years to come.

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