Four Online Shopping Mistakes You Should Avoid!

Oct 01, 2015    //   

When it comes to instant gratification, buying goods online seems to be the best method. Many benefits come with the ability to shop for anything and everything from the comfort of your own home like emerald hobbies custom action figures. However, things can also get out of hand quickly and easily. Draining your pockets is one of the more common perils but might not even be the worst, particularly when you consider the possibility of jeopardising your identity on the web.

It’s okay to feel comfortable with ecommerce, but that doesn’t mean you should click the “buy” button before educating yourself. As long as you know to avoid the following blunders, you should have no trouble finding quality items at reasonable prices.

#1 – Saving your credit card information

It can certainly be convenient to save your personal information for future purchases, but you should be aware of the risks associated. You never know if your account will be targeted by hackers, after all. Besides, from a personal finance standpoint, you would be more likely to spend impulsively when a purchase only requires a few clicks. It is always better to physically track down your card and manually type in the numbers for better account security and more time to rethink transactions.

#2 – Overlooking the shipping

While this might seem like a tiny mistake, it can cost you a lot more than you think. Make sure to include the delivery fees when computing the price so you can get the most accurate number possible. Always check individual store policies, particularly if you are ordering from overseas. Some providers of premium e cigs and other goods ask for a fixed amount no matter where in the world you might be, while others charge higher for rural areas or for going through 3rd party carriers.

#3 – Using a public connection

Shopping from a library computer or over a café network sounds reasonable, but you should be careful. Information sent via insecure connections can be easily compromised by cyber thieves. Thus, it is wiser to wait until you’re home and on a private network before typing in your credit card details. The same goes for logging into your online bank portal or any other secure site that uses important personal information.

#4 – Forgetting to check the product details

Whether you’re buying children’s clothes or starter kits for e cigs on the web, be aware that every model, brand, and retailer has the potential to be different. Checking size charts can give you a better idea of how different garments fit, allowing you to order based on measurements than the usual size. Paying attention to product descriptions can help you determine which flavours or accessories would best suit your vaping needs.

Regardless of how amazing online shopping technology might be these days, it always pays to be cautious before you finalise any transactions. This will help prevent getting your accounts from being hacked. It will also stop you from making impulsive purchases that ultimately drain your wallet.

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