How to Keep Kids Preoccupied On Long Road Trips

Jul 09, 2013    //   

Bringing kids on long road trips is not always a walk in the park. More often than not, they will get restless within an hour and keep asking for how long you will still have to travel until you get to your destination. To avoid instances of your kids throwing temper tantrums in the car, make sure to bring along items that will keep them busy during the entire drive.

A few days before your road trip, purchase picture books (not storybooks since reading is not advisable in a moving vehicle) but do not give them to your kids until the day of your trip. Make sure to also pack a small bag filled with toys that they can play with during the ride. Of course, treats should also be in abundance. Chocolates, candies, and other fun snacks should be ready in your glove compartment. A brownie bar can be an effective way to stop little Tommie or little Sarah from crying.

Handheld video games are also a great way to kill boredom during long drives. If your children have an artistic side, perhaps you can purchase an inexpensive Polaroid or digital camera and allow them to have fun taking pictures of places that you drive by.

When making pit stops, make sure your kids have time to really stretch their bodies and move around. Take a few moments to look around the place and maybe even play a few games. Replenish your food supply and make sure that there is plenty of water for everyone. By keeping these tips in mind, taking long drives with your kids can become a less stressful and more pleasant experience for everyone.

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