How to find the best present for a new mum

Jan 27, 2016    //   

If you know someone who is a new mummy, then you should help them to celebrate by buying them a great gift to say congratulations. Whether it’s their birthday, Christmas or you just want to say congrats and wish them good luck with motherhood, there are lots of different presents that you can buy her. First of all, the easiest way to shop nowadays is go online, as you can shop at any time of the day making it easy to shop around a busy schedule.


Another great thing about shopping on the internet is that you can narrow down your shopping list by selecting specific categories such as homeware or toys. You can choose to buy a gift for the new mum or her child and websites such as Yellow Octopus specialise in fun gifts that make for the perfect present to give to a new mother, whether you want to give her something for herself or her little one.


Here are some handy ideas about the type of gifts you can buy a new mum:


Ø  Clothes for her or the baby

Ø  Something useful like homeware for the house

Ø  A nice teapot

Ø  Quirky bookends

Ø  Novelty lamps

Ø  Shoes for her or the baby

Ø  Kitchen gadgets

Ø  Fun games

Ø  Plant and herb growing kits

Ø  Novelty straws


While being very rewarding, being a new mum is also tiring and giving her a gift that will pick her spirits up and make her laugh is a great idea.


Practical gifts are also good for new mums and a pragmatic gift can also be something for the baby such as some nice clothes or shoes.


You should look for children’s clothing that features the following:


·       Bright colours

·       Bold patterns

·       Big images


Anything with fun stripes or funny faces on will appeal to young children and you might also want to think about getting other children in the same family a gift to ensure they don’t feel left out after the arrival of the new baby.


Shopping online for anything from a handy egg yolk separater for the kitchen through to some new clothes for children is by far the easier way to shop. Think outside the box when you give someone a meaningful gift and you don’t need to spend a small fortune when you buy someone special a present.


Don’t know anything about children’s fashion? Worried about buying a useless gadget? It’s easier than you might think to buy a great gift, if you abide by the following rules:


Ø  Think about the things that they like to do

Ø  Look at what’s missing in their home that you think they would find useful

Ø  Check out some popular gift ideas online

Ø  Set out a budget so you don’t spend too much

Ø  Don’t buy generic gifts when there are lots of fun presents available


From kids clothes through to gardening tools or fun portable wine glasses, there are lots of great gift ideas out there perfect for any new mum. 

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