Choosing Designer Bedding For Your Newborn

Jan 14, 2014    //   

Getting your newborn baby into a healthy sleep pattern is a dream for many parents, and that’s why it’s so important to get the right bedding for them. A lot of parents try new techniques, and using a swaddle can often help a restless newborn to get to sleep. That’s why it’s important to choose the right bedding when your newborn is on the way, ensuring that you are ready and have lots of different options at hand for those sleepless nights.

Babies have different bedding needs to older children, and there are a few rules you should follow to keep them safe:

  • Always put babies to sleep on their back
  • Make sure there are no loose blankets or toys that could be pulled over their face
  • Choose simple pyjamas such as a babygro without a hood
  • Use a sleeping bag or something that they can’t struggle out of
  • Infants don’t need pillows

Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep it simple, and to just use a few stylish items to keep your baby cosy. Look for sleeping bags, or swaddles for small babies, and they’ll be able to keep warm and safe throughout the night, hopefully leading to longer sleeps.

Right temperature

Keeping babies at the right temperature is essential for a good night’s sleep, and you should therefore use appropriate bedding for the time of year. Find a room thermometer to help you measure the temperature of the room in general, and you can then choose the right thickness of sleeping bag that will keep them comfortable. For smaller babies, light bedding such as a swaddle is often best for allowing them to stay cool, and it’s important that they don’t overheat or have too many layers on. Keep their bedroom at an ambient temperature and you won’t need to worry about thick bedding, and therefore can avoid the use of loose blankets.


If you’ve carefully designed your nursery, you’ll want to ensure that the baby’s bedding matches the décor, and there are lots of options for doing so. In the early days, bedding can be quite plain, and your baby will grow out of it quickly, so think about using neutral colours. As they get older and move onto pillows and duvets, you can then choose toddler bedding that matches their favourite looks and themes, allowing you to create a comfortable bedroom space.

Decorating your nursery for a new arrival can be very exciting, but you have to remember to be practical as well as stylish. Make sure you’ve got the right cot or Moses basket for your baby, and you can then choose bedding that suits the type of bed they’ll be using. If you don’t know the gender of your baby, there are plenty of beautiful items available in neutral colours, and you can go for something unusual like green, or classic cream colours to create the perfect nursery space.

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