Sports: What Are the Best Ones for Kids?

Aug 20, 2013    //   

Your son has finally bid farewell to nappies and all other baby stuff as he is now enjoying life in school and discovering his abilities through various activities. To further his development, it is essential to guide him in choosing a sport that can help develop his physical and mental skills. However, your choice of athletic activity should depend on his age.

Ages 3-4

The preschool age is best for non-competitive sports such as swimming, free-play dance groups, and gymnastics. It will be a good idea to enrol him in classes that offer the aforementioned sports, especially if your child is already showing independence. Better yet, go for programmes that encourage parent participation as these can help him adjust quickly to the sport.

Ages 5-8

Do you think you little tyke is ready for nursery school? If so, you can let him try organised sports such as baseball or football. But, it is necessary to enrol him in teams that are non competitive so he won't develop a winning complex over the others. It is ideal to have him join in a group that has both boys and girls as members.

Ages 8-14

At these ages, your child is most likely to choose his own sports because he's already exposed on physical education in school. Nevertheless, it is still best to introduce him to competitive athletics like tennis and football. On the other hand, encourage running and riding if your child prefers non-aggressive sports.

Cycling is a great sport for kids and adults alike, if your teenager is in to cycling then buy them a great cycling jersey from Cycology.

Sports help your children develop both their mental and physical strength. So, encourage them to join and be proud as they hit that goal! To further motivate him, make sure you provide him with all the clothing and accessories he need outside the sports arena.

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