How to Choose the Perfect Baby Shoes

Jun 04, 2015    //   

Should babies be wearing shoes when the rule is “barefoot is best?”

Facts dictate that since babies use their toes and heels for gripping and stability when they’re learning to walk, they’re better off without any footgear. But what if the floor is slippery or it’s too cold out? Then it’s time to find a suitable pair that would offer extra protection for your little one’s feet without harming muscle growth and development.

Here’s why you should choose leather baby shoes and what to look for when shopping for them.

Why Pick Leather

  • Versatile

It can be made hard, or soft and flexible. Soft, lightweight leather shoes allow your baby’ feet to move freely while still learning to walk.

  • Cost-Effective

Leather is both sturdy and durable as long as you take good care of it to keep it in its prime condition.

  • Comfortable

It has the ability to soften, stretch, and mold to the wearer’s feet until it reaches the exact fit. It also warms to one’s body temperature as it disseminates excess heat.

3 Factors to Consider

Now that you have decided to go for leather baby shoes, here are 3 things you have to look for when finding the perfect pair.

  • Roominess

Your baby’s toes should have plenty of space to wiggle around to avoid blisters and tenderness.

  • Flexibility

Supple footwear is the best choice if there’s a need to use the toes and heels to get a firm grip on the floor for stability.

  • Air Permeability

Faux leather does not provide breathability. Real leather shoes are porous, which is necessary to prevent trapped heat and moisture that leads to Athlete’s Foot and other fungal infections.

What to Do during Shopping

  • Conduct the thumb test

To ensure roominess and proper fit, check if your thumb fits between your tot’s big toe and the end of the shoe by pressing it down from the outside while fitting. Remember that your baby’s feet grow fast, so it’s vital to provide allowance for movement.

  • No plastic

No matter how cute it looks, avoid the temptation of buying plastic shoes for your baby - plastic doesn’t allow the feet to breathe.

  • Shop in the afternoon

Don’t waste your time and money buying shoes in the morning, only to have them feel tight in the evening, as babies’ feet are larger later in the day.

  • Check the soles

Bend them to see if they’re gripping and flexible, and say no if they’re smooth and stiff. For great traction, choose nonskid rubber soles.

  • Spot problematic areas

Even if the shoes look great when worn, it’s best to see them in action. Let your baby toddle around while wearing the shoes and check if there are parts where your little one feels discomfort.


Whether you’re buying dress shoes, boots, or sandals for your baby, remember that the material matters the most. Choose the softest leather footwear for your baby from our selection of stylish products without compromising comfort.

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