Stress-Free and Fun Christmas for Everyone

Jun 04, 2015    //   

December 24 and 25 - these are the days when most children are typically hyperactive. Parents, on the other hand, feel pressured to spend on gifts and/or dinner parties. What’s more, they have to make sure their young ones see the true meaning of Christmas - it’s not all about receiving something.

If you have eager tots or you’re worried about giving the wrong gift to other children, have a look at these pointers.

  • Focus more on having fun as a family. Fill the day with love, food and laughter. Instead of watching films (even if it’s about Santa and elves), go out and enjoy the weather. Cuddle with your children or play games. Spending quality time instead of rushing about to prepare dinner parties with friends, show them that it’s a time to get together.
  • Find meaningful yet affordable Christmas present ideas for everyone. Then, teach your young ones that the big gesture isn’t receiving but giving. Tell them that gifting isn’t the biggest theme. Give an example by collecting outgrown toys and giving these to less fortunate children.
  • The festive holidays are usually abundant with chocolates and other sweets. Make sure your tots don’t fill up on these in the morning by preparing a delicious but healthy breakfast. It should be appetising, with the irresistible smell greeting them when coming down the stairs. Perfect examples? Pancakes with bite-size fruits. Warm croissants with chocolate syrup or fruit jam. Waffles with peanut butter and strawberry jelly.
  • If you’re giving toys as gifts, these should be ready to go once your children open the boxes. So assemble the parts or place the batteries before wrapping them up. If you’re giving clothes, remove the tags and make sure these are ready for wearing.
  • Show them that gifts don’t always have to come in expensive wrappers and boxes. Use paper bags and wrapping papers you’ve saved from the previous year. Ask them if you can use some of their artwork to create beautiful presentations rather place fancy bows and ribbons. This will teach them that giving presents isn’t all about spending.

Finally, don’t get caught with the hype or you’re bound to feel stressed. Make it a fun day for your family and focus less on hosting parties. If you must, keep it simple and let your children in on the planning.

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