The Positive Effects of Toys on Child Development

Aug 16, 2013    //   

Childhood may never be complete without one's favourite doll or perhaps a robot. Without doubt, toys have become a part of growing up and thus, have an effect on a child's development.

In fact, their organisational skills can be associated to toys. For instance, you can give your child a bag and encourage him or her to keep his or her toys after playing. Speaking of which, here are other some reasons that make playthings a significant component in your child's life:

Develops Cognitive and Language Skills

Musical boxes and colourful teething toys are attention-grabbers for infants and they can help stimulate their brain. Rattles, for instance, are good for the development of fine motor skills. These include grasping, visual focusing, and even communicating with the carer.

Improves Problem-Solving and Gross Motor Skills

Children can start honing their science aptitude at an early age of one. Educational toys like blocks can help them develop their problem solving skill. A child with a handful of blocks will often try to find a way to build something out of it or arranging them in a way that they wouldn't fall when stacked. A ball, on the other hand, can help improve their hand-eye coordination. It can also aid them in developing gross motor skills as the child learns to hold a ball first before he gets to hold a pencil.

Enhances Social Skills

Pre-school children are said to be into associative play. They talk to each other and engage in what the other is doing. This is a great way for them to learn about socialisation early on. Indeed, with the help of playthings, a child develops 3 skills: social, problem-solving, and communication. If children aren't given toys to play with, they may not be motivated to explore their surrounding or do something productive and educational.

Whether you are giving a previously-owned toy or a new one, it is crucial to ensure you only get those that passed quality control measures. Although there are many toys in the market today, it's important to only get quality products for your little angels – after all, they deserve the best, don't they?

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