Pregnant mums looking yummy.

Forget they are stars you too can look lovely when pregnant , if you love to look lovely like celebrities.

It takes no time,  it is the same as when you were single and not pregnant, the only differences is,  instead of the normal 10 minutes just add about 4 more minutes. Did I hear just hear you laugh? Oh well may be a little longer than 4 minutes.

Can’t go to the salon look for a mobile hair dresser around you. Need to buy affordable  good quality makeups, visit

This is Garcelle looking so lovely and yummy in her pregnancy.  You too can look like that.


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Want to always have a good hair day why being  pregnant why not   wear a weave or a wig, being  pregnant is not an excuse to look rough.

I know we all have our days ”off ”, but we can still look bright if we just take the time.

For a good hair weave and extentions  price starting from £29.00 why not visit

for a good hair wig why not visit

Look at the lovely Jessica Alba when she was pregnant.  jessical

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pregnant  take time visit your local salon, have a manicure and a pedicure, if  you can’t than buy a manicure/pedicure  set do it yourself  kit better still ask a friend or family member to help you.


halle-berry-pregnancyHalle  berry looking lovely.

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When i see pregnant woman looking so full and beautiful. What it means to me is saying OH look at me   I am pregnant  and I  am loving every moment of it.

This Gwen  saying she loves everything about being pregnantblog100308_gwen2-stafa-3pic1Picture courtesy

Buying maternity clothes is not always that expensive, there are some shops that has affordable prices like debenhamss .

 You can buy a few tops and do a mix and march, you can have a red top  and  wear with different colour pants and legging and jean.   Also dresses  you can buy maybe two or four quality dresses, if you don’t  like spending money on maternity.  you can get a top for as little as £10 some time less.

Why not visit some of the following recommended guide for affordable prices  for yummy mums clothing  and  For glamorous  look why  not visit

Angelina jolie looking beautifuang-jo-12l

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Products /Cosmetics  I can’t  live without are, my Foundation, I love my Mary Kay liquid foundation, when ever I use it or every where I go people are always asking, and when I tell them, they don’t  believe, they always think I mixed different product to arrival  at the lovely lovely shade. Colour bronze 507. To buy visit

 Eye Shadow, from marks and Spencer, imam and fashion fair. My eye Shadow from marks and Spencer  are so gorgeous  it  makes my  makeup look like it was done by highly trained professionals.  It is called trio eye colour, aubergine. (EP) 

Cheek colour, my cheek colour is another  thing, it so good people always tell me they love it, and love the  intense look it gives.  The colour is coral from marks and Spencer.  To buy visit

Baby-Shower-Good excuse to have a mouth watery / gift party. Your friend  is having a baby why not begin your organcing skills by  having a baby  shower for your friend or sister. maternity dresses

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