Back To School: Chloe Biscuit Quilt Hooded Jacket

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Biscuit Quilt Hooded Jacket By Chloe £213.50
Those of with unlimited budget for their kids back to school attire would love unusual coloured coats for their girls. It has a very strong quilted cover-up and the tan trimmings around the edge helps to make the coat look very stylish. And the biscuit colour helps to emphasis the main features of the coat such as detachable hood, a frontal zip fastening, two pockets and popper buttons.
The only problem I think some people would have is the colour as it would show dirt so easily unlike if the same style of coat were available say in black or navy blue. Overall the coat is really beautiful.

Back To School:Orange Puffa Jacket By DKNY

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Trendy and Funky  is this word for this very bright coloured puffa, a guarantee  your little prices  will be easy to spot in this funky orange puffa jacket with white zip by DKNY. The jacket has a bold 1989 graphic across the chest and handy removable hood, and the two zip pockets on the front are the perfect place for him to keep his prized possessions whilst he’s playing in the snow. Comes in sizes 10 to 16 years, sold for £98.00
Orange Puffa Jacket By DKNY

Hooch Parka Coat Pink Back To School


fi880_mHooch Parka Coat Pink.  Was £80.00 but you can get it for £39.99, a lovely parka coat, with four front pocket, the two lower pocket are over lapping  button, and the two upper are zip up pockets, with a bold print of hooch printed  on the sleeves, it also has a  faux fur hood for extra cosiness and warmth,  lovely must have fall coat for our little “Divas” it comes in a sizes 11 to 14, mums this coat is lovely and stylish, our little ”Diva” will love them. It is back to school now and this lovely hooch parka pink coat will be  perfect for school, they will thank you for this.

Hooch parka coat can also be worn to other occasion, not just school, but to church and as every day coat. It low in stock, for a bargain price of  £39.99 

Back To School Black Flower Double Strap Shoes

b-school1bschool2bschool3bschool4Back Patent Butterfly Shoes.  You can get this shoe for £12.00 to £14.00. Once again this is the time of the year when all mums have to look for the best quality for kids school items, for a bargain price, back to school has been made much easier by Debenhams, giving us mums the best at at affordable price, this lovely  black shoes, are all good for going to school, in fact they are all school shoes,  they are made of quality and solid fabric/material for the hash weather ahead, school shoes are now are all made stylish and fashionable for our little ones, they speak for them selves as you can see, from patent leather to soft leather, and the good thing is that we are buying quality for a bargain.

Lovely Black Cross  Strap. Price £20.00 to £24.00, Black Flower Double Straps Shoes, price £19.00 to £21.00, Black Basic Bow Shoes price £14.00 to £16.00. These are quality designers shoes for Debenhams, they have varieties to buy from, visit and see their wide  section of  back to school. BUY NOW

Wedding Season’ Bargain Wedding’ Bargain School Uniform’ Back To School

jp5J Penny for women fashion, fall season for women and mums. Looking glam should be an everyday day style  for us, what to wear and how to make it work for you for women of all sizes fron slim figure to full figure sizes. Being a mum is good reason reason to look glam not the other way round. What is your style . CONTINUE READING OMO

;pregnancy-pamering-kit2Every women’s dream is to have and to hold their babies, it is God’s will for every women to be fruitful, are you pregnant, why not visit earth mama angels baby, for all kinds of product relating to pregnancy why not visit Earth Mama Angels Baby. Giving pampering gift and information on your pregnancy. informative and educating. CONTINUE SHOPPING





gift1wedding season, what are your plans, are you getting married, has he asked you to marry him. How is your finance, what kind of a wedding are you hoping to have, a budget wedding,  or spend up wedding. A quit one with family and friends or the big one you have always dreamed of, the is no better place to start than Miracle Baby helping , to answer all the pointing question, you are worried about.  We let you know were to begin, CONTINUE READING  OMO 


schoolWe can’t wait for them to go back, we love them, but we can’t wait, how do we get our bargain, back to school,  were can we get quality for bargain prices. Can we afford to take them on holiday, or give them great time our doors.  Loads of out doors activies, to keep them busy, we all love out doors, we can turn our own very back yard to a fun day our, visit for many more  CONTINUE READING OMO

Back To School’ Our Door Summer Fun For Kids’ Kids Summer Books

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blazer1Back to school, meaning back to spending, but the good news is that most retail are helping us, by reducing the prices of back to school, and Marks and Spencer are doing a great deal, up to 50% off their back to school, Asda is also doing a great deal buy this blazer and get 50% off, BUY NOW.

Fun Fun and Fun, now they are home and you are not going on  holidays, question is how do keep them  busy and entertained,  one can go for the cheap ones, use your back garden,  buy out door toys, for  all every one, so everyone can join, both mum and dad, gaming, playing ball, riding, water game, these are cheap ways of keeping them busy and getting them entertained. Out doors activities varies from cheap to expensive ones, some are very functional like this jumping kits, it keep them busy as well fit, is a good way of kids keeping fit, and dads and mums can always join in. Toys And Us has loads of out door activities, it also a good way of keeping an eye on them.  Price is $40.99  BUY NOW. for other activities such as family outing, why not try, Haven  for Haven jumpthe kids will have a good time, there is loads to do to keep them extra busy.  weekends can be used for barbecues, you don’t have to spend so much, just make what the normal Saturday meal should be, outside instead of inside, making it more fun, I try to to give the kids quality time and outdoor activities mostly because come winter everything is back  to in doors.  Visit  Have nFor Family Outing 

Books are also fun ways of keeping our little ones busy, there should be time for reading and colouring, and painting. Books of all kinds storey books, picture books, why not try your local book shops or you can buy on line from

kids-book61Little Miss Mary and the Big Monster Makeover

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